The Music Business Institute offers music business courses designed to provide practical, useful information so musicians, composers, songwriters, artists and others can learn about the business side of music and create financially successful careers. Currently we have the following courses available, with more courses being added each month - click on a course title below for complete course and enrollment information:

MBI2140 Music Supervision and Licensing for Film, TV and Video Games
This course provides a comprehensive examination at the work of music supervisors including detailed coverage of how music supervisors negotiate and license music with publishers and labels, a detailed look at synchronization and master licenses, and and in-depth study of how music supervisors work with directors, artists, composers, songwriters, labels, publishers and music executives

MBI1220 Fundamentals of Music Royalties
This course provides a comprehensive look at the world of music royalties including mechanical royalties, artist royalties, writer royalties, producer royalties, performer royalties, new digital royalties and more. Typical record label and publisher deals are examined, with an emphasis on demonstrating how various types of royalties are generated for songwriters, artists, composers, producers, labels and publishers.

MBI2110 Get Your Music Into Film and TV Today
One of the highest-paying areas of the music business today is the world of music for film and television. Getting your music into film or television either as a score composer or songwriter can earn immediate income in the form of composer and license fees, and ongoing income for life from performance royalties paid whenever a film or television production is broadcast around the world. In this course, you'll learn who the decision-makers are in this rapidly expanding market and how to get your music into film and television productions.

MBI2120 Composer Contracts, Agreements and Licenses
This course provides a detailed, comprehensive study of composer deal memos, agreements and synchronization licenses which are explained in non-legal terms that any composer can understand without any formal business or legal training. Complete sample agreements are provided and each section is explained in detail, including which language to use for different types of business deals including work-for-hire and more. A special section is included on negotiating composer details, including negotiating tactics and techniques, how to approach negotiations and successfully negotiate better composer deals, and how to build successful business relationships that can support a career as a film and television composer.