Learn about how to generate royalties and build a lifetime of earnings from your music

This course provides a comprehensive look at the world of music royalties including mechanical royalties, artist royalties, writer royalties, producer royalties, performer royalties, new digital royalties and more. Typical record label and publisher deals are examined, with an emphasis on demonstrating how various types of royalties are generated for songwriters, artists, composers, producers, labels and publishers.

Enroll in this online course if you:
 are a composer or songwriter who wants to generate royalty income from your music
 are a musician or recording artist who plays on recorded music
 are a producer, publisher or label interested in learning more about generating music royalties

About This Course
This course provides a comprehensive examination of the world of music royalties and explains in detail how different types of music royalties are collected and paid, including artist royalties, writer royalties, publisher royalties, label royalties, performer royalties, merchandising royalties and more.

Prerequisites: Some familiarity with the function of writers, performers, publishers and record labels is helpful.

Estimated Time To Complete: 20-30 hours including study time

Course Materials: A glossary of special musical terms and course orientation guide is provided for download.

Technical Requirements: Computer browser with current version of Flash plug-in installed is required to view the course presentation. Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader required to view downloadable course materials. iPad/iPhone compatibility will be available Summer, 2011.

What You'll Learn In This Online Course
  • How copyright law enables music royalties
  • Types of music royalties: who pays them, who receives them, and how they work
  • Record deals and mechanical, artist, producer and merchandising royalties
  • Publishing deals and writer, print, and performance royalties
  • Royalties from Broadway and off-Broadway musicals
  • Foreign royalties and new digital royalties for performers

Course Content
  • Music Royalties and Copyright Law Explained
  • Primary Types of Music Royalties
  • Record Label Deals
  • Mechanical Royalties
  • Artist Royalties
  • Producer Royalties
  • Merchandising Royalties
  • Songwriter-Publisher Deals
  • Performance Royalties
  • Printed Music Royalties
  • Digital Print Royalties
  • Broadway Music Royalties
  • Foreign Royalties and Subpublishers
  • Digital Technology Royalties
MBI1220 Fundamentals of Music Royalties

                        Course Fee: $169

Includes all downloadable course materials, access to course student forum, questions answered personally by instructor, and more.

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Course Instructor

Mark Northam

Mark Northam is publisher of Film Music Magazine and author of music business related books and guides including "The Film & TV Composer's Resource Guide," "Breaking Into the Film & TV Music Business," "Maximizing Your ASCAP, BMI and SESAC Royalties" and more. He is also founder of The Film Music Network, a leading professional trade organization for the film and television music industry.

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