Learn and understand how music supervisors negotiate licenses for music in film, television and video game productions

A comprehensive examination at the work of music supervisors including detailed coverage of how music supervisors negotiate and license music with publishers and labels, a detailed look at synchronization and master licenses, and and in-depth study of how music supervisors work with directors, artists, composers, songwriters, labels, publishers and music executives

Enroll in this online course if you:
 are interested in a career working as a music supervisor
 are a composer, songwriter or artist who wants to understand how music supervisors work
 want to learn more about how the music licensing process works for film, TV and video games

About This Course

This course features a detailed examination of the role and work of the music supervisor for film, television and video game productions today. The course explores the functions of copyright and how they relate to music licensing, and details the work of contemporary music supervisors as they work with publishers, labels, artists, composers and more. A detailed study of the clearance process including synchronization and master agreements for film, television and video games is included. The course also features a comprehensive look at the administrative roles of the music supervisor including the negotiation process, as well as the creative role of the music supervisor working with film directors.

Prerequisites: An interest in learning how music supervisors work with directors and others to negotiate licenses for music in film, television and video games

Estimated Time To Complete: 50-60 hours including study time.

Technical Requirements: Computer browser with current version of Flash plug-in installed is required to view the course presentation. Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF reader required to view downloadable course materials. iPad/iPhone compatibility will be available Summer, 2011.

What You'll Learn In This Online Course

  • How music supervisors work with publishers, labels, film directors, producers and more
  • How the music clearance process work, and what documents are involved
  • How the various parts of synchronization and master license agreements are negotiated
  • How important legal terms such as most favored nations can be used in music license negotiations
  • How to create a synchronization and master license (sample documents included)
  • How to build a successful career as a music supervisor for film, TV and video games

Course Content

  • Fundamentals of Music Licensing
  • Music Copyright and Music Licensing
  • Music Publishers
  • Publishing Topics
  • Performing Rights and Cue Sheets
  • Media Options in Music Licensing
  • Music Licensing and Clearance Explained
  • Non-Broadcast Licensing
  • Fundamentals of Music Supervision
  • The Administrative Role of the Music Supervisor
  • The Creative Role of the Music Supervisor
  • The Music Clearance Process
  • After The Deal is Done

MBI2140 Music Supervision and Licensing for Film, TV and Video Games

                        Course Fee: $169

Includes all downloadable course materials, access to course student forum, questions answered personally by instructor, and more.

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Course Instructor

Gael MacGregor

Gael started wailing in church at an early age. By age four she was actually singing in the choir instead of causing a ruckus in the pews and by 15 was playing piano, cello, guitar, clarinet and flute. Over the years, Gael sang in operas, musical theatre, clubs and cabarets, performed in orchestras and with groups as musically diverse as R&B, blues, country, rock and big bands—becoming a virtual musicologist along the way. In the studio and on stage she sang back-up for everyone and their dog (including Dick Dale, Aretha Franklin and practically every Elvis impersonator you can name). Tired of living out of a suitcase, Gael landed a job at a music supervision house. There she acted as the music supervisor for six films and four TV series, and provided music coordination and administrative services for countless other projects—moving on to independently supervise many more. Because Gael speaks both ‘artist’ and ‘suit’ she can liaison with directors, composers and bands, then negotiate the deals and confer with the legal and corporate folks without missing a beat.

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